VideoPeel for Agencies

Improve Trust and Conversions for your Clients using the industry-leading video reviews platform
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Grow Your Client’s Conversions & Sales

Help your clients collect video reviews and video testimonials that drive conversions on your branded websites and apps.

Build Consumer Trust

Build a library of social proof to help shoppers and buyers see how real people like them use the product or service.

Generate authentic content efficiently

Request and collect authentic videos from your customers and from influencers at scale and distribute them to the places that matter most.

Turn your client’s customers into evangelists

Empower your client’s customers to capture and share their experiences before, during, and after they use the product or service.


Your client’s own customers

Request videos from your client’s own customers, across any channel or device. Your client’s customers are often the people who will be the most passionate about the impact their product or service is having on them and their business.


Work with our team to develop the appropriate email recruiting campaign and follow-ups for your user generated video content or video reviews effort.

Text or Messenger

Our VideoPeel campaign links can easily be shared via SMS Text or Messenger platforms. Often the quickest way to get your audience’s attention.

Social Media

We can help you execute a social media focused recruiting campaign, identifying your most influencial, open, and engaged customers.


Phone is one of the best ways to request a video review. We can work with your support teams, or even provide you with phone support for your VideoPeel campaign. 


Enable your website visitors to simply click on a link to submit a video review or video testimonial. 

Beta testers or influencers

Go beyond your client’s customers and work with us to recruit beta testers or influencers through our Consumer Video Network of 10 Million plus consumers and influencers.


Let us find the right people for your campaign based on demographics such as gender, age, location, etc…


Recruit people by how many followers they have by channel, and by their engagement rate.


Recruit by their interests like sports, entertainment, music, pets, health, travel, automotive, electronics, home improvement, etc…


We can help you find people that have purchased specific products or services in the past, or that plan to purchase them in the future. 


Or simply specify your ideal audience and we can customize our recruiting efforts to align with your criteria. 

Ready to Take Your Client’s Marketing to the next Level?

Store and organize all your client’s videos

Manage all your client’s videos in your private agency VideoPeel account, or create a VideoPeel account for each of your clients so you can store and organize all your videos from one place.

Collect Video Feedback to Drive Decision Making

We can help you recruit the right customers, beta testers or influencers to capture their experiences and provide real-time feedback.

Ready to Take Your Client’s Marketing to the next Level?