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Where VideoPeel Can Publish on

Detail Page Image Block

Product Experience videos can appear at the top of detail pages in one of the image locations. You need Enhanced Brand Content to post a video to the block.


Video Reviews can appear in your Amazon Storefront once you've registered and created your store.

Related Video Shorts

This is a new section above customer reviews that showcases related videos and video reviews. Videos can also appear in Amazon search results.

Amazon LIVE

Broadcast your Video Reviews as LIVE on Amazon's new Amazon Live channel.

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Video Reviews get 3X the engagement on compared to branded videos.


Conversions can grow by 80% when visitors watch an authentic video review.


Our Amazon Sales grew by 500% after we started working with VideoPeel. – EcoFlow Tech

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VideoPeel can help you collect, manage, edit, and publish video reviews on your listings.

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Collect Video Reviews at Scale

VideoPeel helps you collect video reviews from people that purchased your product, or that are testing your product. VideoPeel also handles permissions.

Manage Videos Privately

All video submissions are managed in your own private VideoPeel account. Organize them, and request edits: add your logo, create a thumbnail, etc...

Publish to All Your Amazon ASINS

Designate which videos you want published to each of your Amazon ASINs. VideoPeel direct feed into allows us to publish to any ASIN. We moderate the content as needed.

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