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VideoPeel launches LIVE Video Reviews Solution

Based on your feedback, we’re making our new VideoPeel service called, “LIVE Video Reviews”, available to all our customers. You can now show your VideoPeel Verified Video Reviews as LIVE broadcasts to your potential buyers on Amazon and Facebook. 

Above is an example of an Amazon LIVE broadcast. You can view Amazon LIVE broadcasts on Amazon’s website, and through their mobile app, etc… With VideoPeel, we can broadcast your verified video reviews as if they were live so you can broadcast a stream of authentic customer experiences with your product, while still taking advantage of Amazon’s LIVE chat feature, and product spotlight carousel. To request your LIVE Video Review, simply submit a request by clicking on the Amazon icon for the specific video review in your VideoPeel videos tab. 

VideoPeel’s LIVE Video Reviews is also available for Facebook Pages. Give your Facebook Audience an opportunity to see real people using your product or service. With a library of verified video reviews, VideoPeel clients can broadcast hours of authentic, organic content to their Facebook audiences, while chatting with them in real time.

For more information, schedule a demo with VideoPeel here.

VideoPeel’s CEO awarded Top 50 Tech Leadership Award

On June 20th 2019, Patrick Tedjamulia, CEO and co-founder of VideoPeel, was awarded the Top 50 Tech Leaders Award by Intercon in Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

As a former leader at Facebook and Google, Patrick Tedjamulia was influential in improving the Google and Facebook Ad Platforms. His role was to understand advertiser needs across industries, so he could lead Facebook and Google cross-functional teams in building and launching important ad management features that drove business results for it’s advertisers. During his discussions with businesses around the world, it was clear that everyone shared a common need for higher converting content for the ads and their websites that people could trust, and that actually answered the questions people had before they buy. 

This insight led him on a journey to start his own company, VideoPeel, to figure out what people wanted to know about a product or service before they buy. His research uncovered that people want to see how someone like them uses the product or service to meet their needs. With the proliferation of video, it was clear that the best way to do this would be through authentic video review and video testimonials. But, how does a company effectively collect, manage, and publish video reviews from their customers or from influencers? And how do we easily empower consumers to capture these product experiences through video?

The VideoPeel team built the software and infrastructure that makes it easy for businesses to request, collect, and manage video reviews from customer and influencers and publish them to the places that drive traffic, increase conversions, and grow sales. 

“People no longer trust branded ads, or text-based reviews like they used to. Consumers don’t know who to trust anymore. This is why the age of video reviews has arrived. People want to see if a product or service really works, and if it works for someone like them. I believe business owners today have the responsibility to show the real story about their product, to show the true experiences people are having with their products. VideoPeel is making this possible for hundreds of businesses around the world. We are making it possible for people to see if a product  or service really works, and how it works for someone like them. 

I’m very grateful for Intercon nominating and awarding me with their Top 50 Tech Leader award. It is an honor to be considered among the top innovators, visionaries and leaders in the technology space. And for VideoPeel to be acknowledged for the solution we’re bringing to the world. Thank you for this amazing opportunity.” said Patrick Tedjamulia, CEO and co-founder of VideoPeel 

Amazon publishes Case Study on VideoPeel Video Technology

Amazon recently published a video case study on VideoPeel. An Amazon team with a professional film crew visited VideoPeel to capture the VideoPeel story. Amazon is spotlighting VideoPeel’s technology and solutions for collecting, managing, publishing, and analyzing consumer testimonials.  The video case study can be found on Amazon’s  AWS customers page here.  And  below: 

“We’re very appreciative of Amazon’s efforts in capturing the story behind VideoPeel, and our robust AI and Machine Learning solutions for capturing, managing, publishing, and analyzing consumer videos. We’re not only helping brands show the truth about their products and services, we’re also helping them analyze consumer videos to find the truth about their consumers,” said CEO and co-founder of VideoPeel, Patrick Tedjamulia

See below for a video testimonial from one of our clients, EcoFlow, on how our service has helped them better understand their consumer and provide them with content they can utilize in their marketing initiatives. We’re excited to continue expanding our AI and Machine Video Insights service to more of our customers to help them analyze the video review libraries we’re building for them.


1 Millions Views of our Verified Video Reviews: VideoPeel Reaches Major Milestone

VideoPeel reached a major milestone this week,  our verified video reviews have been viewed over 1 Million times through our VideoPeel Plugin for websites and apps.  Join us in celebrating 1,000,000+ Views of Verified Video Reviews! 

Brands Show Real Experiences From Real Customers
The VideoPeel Plugin lets brands publish video reviews and video testimonials dynamically to multiple different placements in their websites and apps. They can easily control what videos are published through their VideoPeel account, by simply adding or removing from each video the appropriate tag associated with each plugin. Below are a few examples of how our clients utilize our VideoPeel Plugin to increase conversions and sales.

Install the VideoPeel Plugin today

If you haven’t installed the VideoPeel Plugin on your website or app yet, get started today.  Join our mission in showing the real experiences people are having with your products and services. 

Our plugin can be installed in any platform including Shopify, WordPress, Magento, etc… It’s a quick and simple installation. Our implementation team is happy to help you, and even suggest appropriate optimization techniques to maximize videos on your pages. 

As part of this major milestone celebration, we’re offering new customers a special coupon code. Sign-up today with the coupon code: “1MILLION” to get 15% OFF any VideoPeel plan. 

10 Benefits of Video-based Research

As a professional researcher with over 20 years of experience building innovative new tools and methods, the advent of mobile video-based research is the most exciting innovation in the insights industry since the introduction of web-based surveys.

Just as social media has reshaped how news is created and distributed, so too video research is changing the way research is collected and is impacting business decisions. And just as social media and traditional media now live side-by-side, video research has nudged its way into the research toolkit as a powerful storytelling method with completely new insights. So, what do researchers see in this new power tool?

10 benefits to conducting video-based research:

1. Native Context 
Observing actions in context or in the native environment. Which I like to say takes traditional research to the 3rd dimension. Where people can act in the normal every day context they live in, instead of an artificial survey or focus group setting. This brings a whole new element of reality into the insights and key learnings.

2. Longitude
Video research very effectively captures insights over time. It’s like video research is able to take consumer research to the 4th dimension to show an unfolding of a process, like the path to purchase. Experience can be observed over time, not simply at one 2D moment. This is a much better way to get at the truth of an experience.

3. Real emotion
Candid video research shows the true depth of emotion as a result of capturing the tone, facial expression and intensity of expression (or lack thereof). Understanding emotion provides a more in-depth way to understand a consumer’s true reaction, without the bias that comes from limitations in written responses. Telling these consumer stories can help inform messaging, targeting and product design in meaningful ways.

4. Sticky insights
Most market research reports never make it to the boardroom. However, video insights carry so much authority that they’re easy to share all the way up to the boardroom because they give voice to the customer – the ultimate arbiter of the value of the brand. Video research allows you to bring the consumer to the boardroom in a way never before possible.

5. Empathy
Business leaders can easily lose touch with the reality of their consumer’s priorities. When you work on the brand, you start to think about that brand morning, noon and night. You go ‘down the rabbit hole’ of the details so much that it’s easy to forget what it’s like as an outsider. Video-based insights help to develop your company’s empathy for the consumer.

6. Faster Decision Making
Companies that are more in tune with their customers’ needs are better able to meet those needs. Video-based insights enable business leaders to become better decision makers by developing better ‘consumer intuition’ without having to attend days of in-person research. Too often traditional research outcomes don’t have the required impact on decision makers because data and insights are not brought to life in a meaningful or credible way. But, video-based research is now changing all that by uncovering insights that become a “call to action” for business leaders.

7. Competitiveness 
Many businesses fail because they lose touch with what makes their brand the obvious choice for the consumer. Business people who get immersed in their customer learn how to offer something more relevant and appealing than competitors. Video research helps you go deep quickly to learn who the consumer is and what makes them tick without having to attend hours and hours of focus groups or reading dull research reports. Researchers who leverage video become the de facto consumer expert in their companies.

8. Depth of understanding
Video insights help you get to the “why” behind business metrics such as low NPS. Our free-form method doesn’t constrain people into checkbox answers, so you can expect to learn something new every time.

9. Speed
Mobile video research has been available for the past 5 to 8 years, but is still costly, time-consuming and requires a high degree of expertise to administer. VideoPeel has developed a platform that enables even non-experts to quickly pull off video-based research in a fraction of the time that would have typically been required to collect video of consumer reactions.

10. Value 
Compared to both traditional qualitative and quantitative methods video research offers more bang for your buck, with typically lower or comparable spend with a wider impact internally – up to the boardroom, and across teams as insights are democratized with our highly shareable format.

– Myles Proudfoot, VideoPeel Head of Video-based Insights


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