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Patrick Tedjamulia – Video Review Expert

Today in the Private Label Movement Podcast, Patrick Tedjamulia shares the story of how he co-founded and became the CEO of VideoPeel, a video review platform. He talks about his love for customer insights, which led him to discover the true value of videos in advertising.

Consumer First Thinking

Before his venture into Facebook and Google, Patrick worked in brand management. His initial training for his career had been about consumer packaged goods. He was trained in marketing by Procter & Gamble with a consumer’s boss thinking. “It’s all about first understanding who your consumer really was, stepping into the shoes of the consumer. That’s been my love and my passion.” – Patrick Tedjamulia.  Patrick then went to MBA school in Duke University to further his education in consumer insights and research.

Facebook and Google Advertising 

Patrick’s formal training and education in understanding consumers eventually helped him as he worked at Facebook and Google. “As I started helping them build their advertising tools, I had to understand their customer, and their customer was every advertiser.” – Patrick Tedjamulia.

With millions of advertisers in these platforms, Patrick had to be in tune with their needs, such as AdWords that would allow them to accomplish their business goals. He had to find ways to drive traffic to their brand, their website, and their store. He also helped them in launching their objectives, ads reporting, and a ton of advertising tools and applications.

Realizing the Power of Video

Patrick noticed that advertisers across the board  are having trouble with two main things. First is trying to get their ads to convert, which is every advertiser’s problem. Second, their consumers are losing trust in their ads. In trying to solve these, he realized that the number of videos being posted on Facebook was growing like crazy. This eventually made him realize the power that videos hold. “I knew that the best way for someone to be able to bring out the truth about a product, bring out the truth about their business, bring out the truth about who they are as founders of their business, is video.” – Patrick Tedjamulia 

VideoPeel launches LIVE Video Reviews Solution

Based on your feedback, we’re making our new VideoPeel service called, “LIVE Video Reviews”, available to all our customers. You can now show your VideoPeel Verified Video Reviews as LIVE broadcasts to your potential buyers on Amazon and Facebook. 

Above is an example of an Amazon LIVE broadcast. You can view Amazon LIVE broadcasts on Amazon’s website, and through their mobile app, etc… With VideoPeel, we can broadcast your verified video reviews as if they were live so you can broadcast a stream of authentic customer experiences with your product, while still taking advantage of Amazon’s LIVE chat feature, and product spotlight carousel. To request your LIVE Video Review, simply submit a request by clicking on the Amazon icon for the specific video review in your VideoPeel videos tab. 

VideoPeel’s LIVE Video Reviews is also available for Facebook Pages. Give your Facebook Audience an opportunity to see real people using your product or service. With a library of verified video reviews, VideoPeel clients can broadcast hours of authentic, organic content to their Facebook audiences, while chatting with them in real time.

For more information, schedule a demo with VideoPeel here.

VideoPeel Co-founders Present at Amazon AWS Summit in Anaheim, CA

It was a beautiful day in Anaheim, CA. Over 5,000 technology experts were gathered for the Amazon AWS Summit to hear the latest best practices in AI, Machine Learning, and Cloud technologies. Amazon had invited the founders of VideoPeel, Patrick Tedjamulia and Ben Cobb to speak about their solution.  

Below is a recording of the presentation for your enjoyment. You can also access the slides of the presentation posted by Amazon on Sideshare here

VideoPeel’s CEO awarded Top 50 Tech Leadership Award

On June 20th 2019, Patrick Tedjamulia, CEO and co-founder of VideoPeel, was awarded the Top 50 Tech Leaders Award by Intercon in Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

As a former leader at Facebook and Google, Patrick Tedjamulia was influential in improving the Google and Facebook Ad Platforms. His role was to understand advertiser needs across industries, so he could lead Facebook and Google cross-functional teams in building and launching important ad management features that drove business results for it’s advertisers. During his discussions with businesses around the world, it was clear that everyone shared a common need for higher converting content for the ads and their websites that people could trust, and that actually answered the questions people had before they buy. 

This insight led him on a journey to start his own company, VideoPeel, to figure out what people wanted to know about a product or service before they buy. His research uncovered that people want to see how someone like them uses the product or service to meet their needs. With the proliferation of video, it was clear that the best way to do this would be through authentic video review and video testimonials. But, how does a company effectively collect, manage, and publish video reviews from their customers or from influencers? And how do we easily empower consumers to capture these product experiences through video?

The VideoPeel team built the software and infrastructure that makes it easy for businesses to request, collect, and manage video reviews from customer and influencers and publish them to the places that drive traffic, increase conversions, and grow sales. 

“People no longer trust branded ads, or text-based reviews like they used to. Consumers don’t know who to trust anymore. This is why the age of video reviews has arrived. People want to see if a product or service really works, and if it works for someone like them. I believe business owners today have the responsibility to show the real story about their product, to show the true experiences people are having with their products. VideoPeel is making this possible for hundreds of businesses around the world. We are making it possible for people to see if a product  or service really works, and how it works for someone like them. 

I’m very grateful for Intercon nominating and awarding me with their Top 50 Tech Leader award. It is an honor to be considered among the top innovators, visionaries and leaders in the technology space. And for VideoPeel to be acknowledged for the solution we’re bringing to the world. Thank you for this amazing opportunity.” said Patrick Tedjamulia, CEO and co-founder of VideoPeel 

Amazon publishes Case Study on VideoPeel Video Technology

Amazon recently published a video case study on VideoPeel. An Amazon team with a professional film crew visited VideoPeel to capture the VideoPeel story. Amazon is spotlighting VideoPeel’s technology and solutions for collecting, managing, publishing, and analyzing consumer testimonials.  The video case study can be found on Amazon’s  AWS customers page here.  And  below: 

“We’re very appreciative of Amazon’s efforts in capturing the story behind VideoPeel, and our robust AI and Machine Learning solutions for capturing, managing, publishing, and analyzing consumer videos. We’re not only helping brands show the truth about their products and services, we’re also helping them analyze consumer videos to find the truth about their consumers,” said CEO and co-founder of VideoPeel, Patrick Tedjamulia

See below for a video testimonial from one of our clients, EcoFlow, on how our service has helped them better understand their consumer and provide them with content they can utilize in their marketing initiatives. We’re excited to continue expanding our AI and Machine Video Insights service to more of our customers to help them analyze the video review libraries we’re building for them.



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