Video-based Consumer Research

Made Easy!

Mobile Ethnography 2.0

VideoPeel redesigned the Mobile Ethnography experience from the ground up to give you a simple and automated solution for persuasive video-based insights.

Ready to Use Objective-based Research Templates

Don't start from scratch. Our team of industry & academic experts developed standard objective-based research templates to use and customize.

Select the Ideal Candidates for Your Study

Define your target audience and we will recruit qualified candidates you can select for your study. We focus on finding you articulate and engaging respondents.

Collect Video Responses in 3 Clicks

Our technology doesn't require an app. Candidates can be prompted through any communication channel to record and submit their video in less than 2 minutes.

VideoPeel Mobile Ethnography 2.0

Ready to Use Research Templates

Consumer Behavior

Uncover new insights into your consumer's behaviors, habits, decisions and thought processes.

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Shopping Experience

Discover the hidden frictions that get in the way of increased sales throughout the path to purchase.

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Brand Equity

Identify what your brand stands for in the minds of consumers vs. other brands available to them.

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Customer Experience

Discern what elements of your service add or detract to the customer experience.

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Product Experience

Establish how consumers respond to the product experience from A to Z, including practical and holistic impacts.

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Audience Definition

Define your target audience attributes, how your offering fits into their lives, and how to become more relevant.

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Calculate your Net Promoter Score for your product or service, and find out the drivers and drainers of your score.

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Marketing Effectiveness

Find out how effective is your ad, website, packaging, video, email, text, etc. See why people are not converting.

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Custom Solutions

Have a unique business need? We can assemble a custom project to meet your specific requirements.

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Powerful AI-enabled Video-based Insights

VideoPeel utilizes AI & Machine Learning to quickly process and analyze each video to summarize the top findings.

Automated Transcription and Tagging

Each video is transcribed automatically, enabling our AI & Machine Learning system to identify common themes across videos.

Identifying Key Learnings

Our automated system maximizes your efficiency by taking on much of the analysis and reporting process to summarize key learnings.

Generating Impactful Recommendations

The system builds summary video reels to support your reporting and recommendations.

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