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Increase Trust with Early Adopters and Potential Backers

Recruit Beta Customers for your Crowdfunding Campaigns

Recruit From Your Own Customers

Recruit from your own customers via any channel (email, text, social, phone, etc.)

Recruit from our Global Consumer Network

If you don't have customers yet, recruit from our 10 Million+ global consumer network of influencers and micro-influencers.

Screen Respondents

We QA for articulate and engaging respondents, and you can screen respondents through video interviews.


VideoPeel helped GoSho raise $542,410 reaching over 4,618% of their funding goal.


VideoPeel helped Luft Qi raise $303,980 reaching over 1,170% of their funding goal.


VideoPeel helped iJoou raise $103,530 reaching over 517% of their funding goal.

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Collect Video Reviews at Scale

VideoPeel helps you collect video reviews from people that purchased your product, or that are testing your product. VideoPeel also handles permissions.

Manage Videos Privately

All video submissions are managed in your own private VideoPeel account. Organize them, and request edits: add your logo, create a thumbnail, etc...

Publish to Your Crowdfunding Pages

Designate which videos you want published to each of your Crowdfunding campaigns.

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