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10 Million+ Consumers & Influencers

Specify who you want to test your products and create videos. We will recruit from our 10 Million+ Global Consumer Network.

Safe & Secure

Get consumers, influencers, and businesses to apply for your campaign through video interviews in a safe and secure private VideoPeel account.

Build Awareness & Drive Sales

Ship your product and get consumers, influencers and businesses to test it and publish authentic user generated videos to their followers.

Use Cases

Snuggle-Pedic Grows Awareness

Snuggle-Pedic, creators of the Snuggle-Pedic Mattress and the Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo Pillow, used VideoPeel to recruit the ideal influencers to test their mattress and pillows achieving a 920% return on ad spend.

Parsaver Launches with Professional Golfers

Parsaver, creators of the 3-Ring Putt Trainer, used VideoPeel to recruit the ideal PGA professional golfers to test their new 3-Ring Putt Trainer and to share their video reviews to their audiences.

GoSho Raises $542,410 on Indiegogo

GoSho by 1byOne, creator of the world's most powerful mini HD projector, used VideoPeel to recruit video game and movie enthusiasts and to collect video reviews for their Indiegogo Crowdfunding campaign helping them raise $542,410 reaching over 4,618% of their funding goal.

Sweat Block Recruits for the Ideal Actor

Sweat Block, one of the most innovative products to combat sweat, was looking for the right actor to play in upcoming brand videos. Candidates were asked to follow a script and show their emotional connection with the camera.

40+ Countries

We can recruit consumers, influencers, experts, and businesses from 40+ countries and growing.


Specify who you want to recruit by their interests with respect to sports, entertainment, music, stores, dining out, pets, health, banking, etc..


Specify who you want to recruit by gender, age, marital status, household income, occupation, etc..


Specify who you want to recruit by their purchases of vehicles, hotels, utilities, phones, electronics, fashion, groceries, etc...


Specify who you want to recruit by how many followers they have by channel, and by their engagement rate.


Specify who you want to recruit by their conditions such as ailments, habits, passions, aspirations, and expertise.

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