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VideoPeel Campaigns are designed to be fully customizable. We recommend that you first define your VideoPeel Campaign objective.  Here are the most popular objectives:

  1. Video Testimonials from customers.
  2. Video Reviews from influencers or beta testers.
  3. Product Videos.
  4. Video Contests.
  5. Video Tutorials from customers or employees.
  6.  Video Feedback from beta testers, shoppers, customers, prospects, etc.
  7.  Video Updates from team members, clients, partners, etc.
  8.  Video Compilations.
  9.  Video Messages for special occasions.
And many more. You can create as many campaigns as you want, allowing you to best organize your video collection efforts. We also allow you to copy a previous campaign, to more quickly create campaigns.

We recommend that you send out your VideoPeel Campaign link to your customers directly through the appropriate communication channels including email, text, messenger, social media, etc… Alternatively, with our full-service plan, our team can do this for you via appropriate communication channels including phone interviews, email, SMS, messenger, social media, etc. 

We can recruit from our Global Consumer Network of 10 Million plus consumers and influencers. You can define your target audience by demographics, influence, interest, purchases, and conditions. We will then recruit the ideal candidates for you and let you select who you want to work with. 

Within each of your campaigns, simply click on the Privacy Policy and Terms And Conditions links under the RIGHTS MANAGEMENT section to customize each respective terms with what your Brand requires. 

Our system will only allow videos that are less than 5 minutes to be submitted.

This really depends on how you want to use the videos. If you plan on publishing them to YouTube or Amazon, we recommend that you request your audience to hold their phones horizontally. If you plan on publishing the video as a Instagram Video Ad (IGTV, or an organic video feed post), then we recommend that you request your audience to hold their phones vertically. 

Incentives are not necessary for VideoPeel Campaigns. But if you want to offer an incentive, we recommend incentives to be unique. The best incentives are those that can’t be found anywhere else. If someone can earn $5 doing something else, they will likely not be incentivized by a $5 gift card. You can add an incentive to your VideoPeel Campaign landing page as part of your message.  But be aware that any type of paid testimonial or review should be disclosed according to FTC guidelines

You can easily access the URL of each video that is received for your campaign by going to your videos tab and clicking the download icon for that video. You will see the video url you can copy and share.

When an edit request is submitted, we typically take 48 hours to complete the edit. We can complete edits of your videos for any format. 

The VideoPeel Plugin is easy to install in any website, retail site, or landing page platform so you can display one or more of your videos. Here are the steps to implement one or more VideoPeel Plugins:

1)  In your VideoPeel Videos Tab, create a filter for each plugin you want created. A filter will contain all the videos with the tag(s) you assign to your filter. Each filter can contain multiple tags. And each video can also contain multiple tags. 

2) Generate the VideoPeel plugin code for each filter. The plugin code is one line of Javascript code which can be installed into any website or platform.  Once the plugin code is installed, you don’t need to adjust the code. You can control which videos show in your plugin from your VideoPeel account videos tab. 

3) You can customize how your videos show in your plugin. Simply upload the thumbnails you want to use, and customize your title, description, etc…

VideoPeel can help you publish video reviews in the following places on Amazon’s marketplace:

Detail page image block: Video Reviews can appear at the top of detail pages in one of the image locations. Not everyone has access to this feature, though. You will need to qualify for Enhanced Brand Content to post a video to the image block.

Storefronts: Video Reviews can also appear in your Amazon Storefronts once you’ve registered and created your store. VideoPeel can help you create the ideal storefront template to showcase your video reviews.

Related Video Shorts: This is a new section above customer reviews that showcases related videos and customer video reviews. With VideoPeel’s direct feed into Amazon, you can place multiple video reviews in this section for all of your ASINs at scale.

Amazon LIVE: Videos can also be utilized for Amazon’s new broadcasting channel at This is currently reserved for Brand Registered sellers/vendors. VideoPeel can help you utilize pre-recorded video reviews for your Amazon Live broadcasts.

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