Voice of the Customer

Collect videos from your customers in seconds!

 Start collecting videos INSTANTLY without the hassle.

VideoPeel removes all the frustration from collecting videos from your customers.  Your customers simply click on your VideoPeel link to submit a video, no log-in or app download required.

Provide Instructions and Get Videos.

Provide easy instructions for your customers, partners, ambassadors, employees, etc. to follow when creating their video.
People use their own devices to record their videos.

Get Permissions and Provide Next Steps.

Collect the permissions and information you need to follow regulations and privacy laws.
And provide appropriate follow-ups.


Review Videos and Respond as Needed.

Your videos are encrypted and stored in one repository for secure access by you and your team.
Get notified when videos come in, and reply as needed.

Edit, Publish, and Analyze Videos.    

Easily share videos with other team members, request edits, and publish to the places that matter to you and your team. This can be a viral compilation video, or simply a stand alone video testimonial ad. We can transcribe the videos for easy review and searching. And, we can analyze videos for sentiment and make strategic recommendations.


Let’s help you bring your customer stories to life!

Over 163 Ready-to-Use Video Templates. 

We’ve created over 163 easy, ready-to-use video request templates to help you generate the type of videos best suited for your objective.