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10X More Videos

VideoPeel clients get 10X more video submissions with our simplified recruiting and video contest platform.

Safe & Secure

Collect your video submissions in a safe and secure private VideoPeel account.

Organize & Publish

Organize your videos by campaigns or tags, and publish directly to YouTube or Facebook.

Use Cases

Arizona Milk Producers Video Contest

Between August & November 2018, the Arizona Milk Producers & Dairy Association of Arizona ran a College Scholarship Milk Video Contest to help students make dairy a part of their every day, and to turn their video into college moo-lah.

Airgun Depot Airgun Darts Video Contest

In the summer of 2018, Airgun Depot, an online retailer for all things airguns, launched a video-based airgun dart contest. Contestants from all over the nation recorded their dartboard attempts and submitted them through VideoPeel to Airgun Depot.

Recruit Ideal Candidates

Specify your ideal audience demographics and psychographics so we can recruit the ideal candidates.

Easy Share Links

Customize your video review prompts and share unique links via any communication channel.

Mobile Optimized

Submit a video in 3 clicks. Customers won't need to download an app, nor sign-up to submit a video.

Automated Permissions

Customize terms & conditions, and automate permissions.

Manage Videos

Organize videos through automated transcriptions and tagging. Download videos, request edits, or publish.

Publish Videos

Publish videos directly to Your Website, YouTube, Facebook Pages, Facebook Ad Accounts, Amazon Product Listings, etc.

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