Video Recruiting

Stop Wasting Time With The Wrong Candidates

Save Time & Money

Request a video interview with every recruiting effort. Save hundreds of hours of screening time.

Safe & Secure

Collect all video interviews in a safe and secure private VideoPeel account.

Organize & Reply

Organize video interviews and tag them appropriately, reply directly to those you want to interview in person.

Use Cases

Infinity Security Hires For Admins & Sales

Infinity Security saved hundreds of hours by simply adding a link to their job posting asking for potential candidates to submit a video interview. The process was so easy and it saved the company time and money.

Sweat Block Recruits for the Ideal Actor

Sweat Block, one of the most innovative products to combat sweat, was looking for the right actor to play in upcoming brand videos. They simply included a VideoPeel link in a post to a Actor Focused Facebook Group and started receiving applications right away. Candidates were asked to follow a script and show their emotional connection with the camera.

Recruit Ideal Candidates

Specify your ideal candidate (demographics, experience, etc.) from your customers, other channels, or from our extensive panel.

Easy Share Links

Customize your video interview prompts and share unique links via any job posting, rec, or job board.

Mobile Optimized

Candidates Submit a video in 3 clicks. They won't need to download an app, nor sign-up to submit a video.

Automated Permissions

Customize terms & conditions, and automate permissions.

Manage Videos

Organize videos through tagging. You can create as many job video campaigns as you wish.

Limit Applications

You can limit the number of videos, or simply set your job video interview campaign to expire at a specific time.

Video Interview Examples

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