Video Review Ads

Let Real Customers Tell Your Story

Video Reviews at Scale

Collecting video reviews should be continuously optimized, covering segments, occasions, and products.

Edit Videos

Incorporate Branded assets and calls to action with your video reviews to maximize performance.

Video Formats

Format video reviews for Facebook Ads, Facebook Stories, YouTube Video Ads, LinkedIn Video Ads, etc.

Ad Management

Let us run your video ads from our consumer video reviews page, or from your branded page.

Video Review Ads on Facebook and Instagram

Drive Traffic & Conversions w/ FB & Instagram Video Ads for Prospecting & Remarketing. Let your own customers show how your product really works. We can help you run these video ads through our consumer video review page, or through your own brand pages.

Use Cases

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Protalus Uses Video Reviews in their Ads

Protalus, the shoe insole technology company, used VideoPeel to collect video reviews to use them as Facebook Video Ads for prospecting and remarketing. VideoPeel helped Protalus grow their overall conversions by 300%.

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EcoFlow Customers Show the Product in Video Ads

See how EcoFlow, the portable power station company, used VideoPeel to collect video reviews and edit them into video ads for Facebook, Amazon, and YouTube. VideoPeel helped EcoFlow grow overall sales through Amazon by 500%.

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KT Tape Creates Review Compilation Video Ad

KT Tape, the therapeutic kinesiology tape company, used VideoPeel to collect video reviews from their customers and to edit these videos into a compilation video for Facebook Ads.

Recruit Ideal Customers

Specify your ideal audience demographics and psychographics so we can recruit your ideal customers.

Easy Share Links

Customize your video review prompts and share unique links via any communication channel.

Mobile Optimized

Submit a video in 3 clicks. Customers won't need to download an app, nor sign-up to submit a video.

Automated Permissions

Customize terms & conditions, and automate permissions.

Manage & Edit Videos

Organize videos with transcriptions and tagging. Request edits and formatting for any ad channel.

Publish Videos

Publish videos directly to YouTube, Facebook Pages, Facebook Ad Accounts, etc.

Examples of Video Review Ads

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