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Video Testimonials

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Online businesses today want face to face interaction.

It’s no longer OK for Businesses to tell their story through features and benefits. It’s now possible for your customers to show their authentic experiences through video. 

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VideoPeel removes all the frustration from collecting video reviews and video testimonials.  Your customers simply click on your VideoPeel link to submit a video, no log-in or app download required.

Conversions can increase by 50% or more on Shopify, Magento, WordPress, etc.

Businesses are looking for better ways to increase website conversions. See how Snuggle-Pedic uses the VideoPeel Player to publish their customer videos to their Shopify store.

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Businesses want to optimize their Amazon product listings. EcoFlow automatically uploads video testimonials to their Amazon page through the VideoPeel dashboard.


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Dynamically publish the most relevant videos to the right people visiting your website and other channels. Our videos have been viewed more than 5 million times on our VideoPeel Player and in other channels.

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Let’s help you bring your customer stories to life!

Over 163 Ready-to-Use Video Templates. 

Video Testimonials are just one type of video you can collect from your customers. We’ve created over 163 easy, ready-to-use video request templates to help you generate the type of video content best suited for your objective.