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Grow Conversions and Traffic by 80% Plus

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From Your Customers or our 10M+ Global Network of Consumers and Influencers.


Respondents Record and Submit Videos Easily in 4 clicks, no App required.


Organize and Tag videos for easy Filtering. Request Edits and Transcriptions for all Formats.


Drive Business Results by Publishing Videos Across Channels, to your Website, Amazon, YouTube, FB, etc..

Recruit from Your Own Customers

Find your most passionate, engaging and influential customers. You can do your recruiting with our tool, or you can use our team to recruit via social, email, text, or phone interviews.

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Recruit Testers or Influencers

If you want to go beyond your customers, we can help you recruit from our 10 Million+ Global Network of influencers and micro-influencers. We QA for articulate and engaging respondents. And you can also screen for respondents via intro videos.

Capture Video Seemlessly

Respondents can be prompted through any communication channel to record and submit their video in less than 2 minutes. Our tech doesn't require an app. Collect text and photos in addition to video. Customize terms & conditions and automate permissions.

Types of Video Reviews

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Beta Customers

Let us find the right customers to test your product and create videos about their real experience with your product.

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Shopping Experience

Let your customers talk about their experience with buying your product from your Amazon store or website.

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Brand Equity

Let your customers share how they feel about your brand, why they chose it and how it impacts their life.

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Customer Experience

Let your customers show what their experience was like interacting with your customer service/support team.

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Product Experience

Let your customers show how they use your product or service and what impact it has in their life.

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Your customer introduces themselves, shares why they selected your product or service, and what impact it's made.

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Customers share who they recommend your product for and when they recommend it.

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Tutorial / How to

Customers give a detailed tutorial of how the product or service works, so others can follow and learn from a real customer.

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Custom Solutions

Have a unique business need? We can assemble a custom video review project to meet your specific requirements.

Manage Videos

Each video is managed in your own private VideoPeel account. Analytics (campaign views and number of videos submitted) are provided for each VideoPeel campaign. A record of permissions (ex: media releases) is kept for Rights Management purposes. Organize your videos with Tags allowing you to easily deep dive into each tag to see specific videos. Reply to respondents and request edits.

Publish Videos Dynamically to Website

Our dynamic plugin lets you publish any or all videos to your website. Publish to your homepage, product pages, checkout page, landing pages, etc. Sort which videos show randomly, or by # of views, etc.. The Plugin works across any web or mobile platform including Shopify, Magento, WordPress, etc... Our verified video reviews have already been viewed over 1 Millions times in websites and apps.

Publish to Other Channels

Publish videos directly to Amazon (Video Shorts, Image Block, Amazon LIVE, etc...), Facebook (Ads, Organic, or LIVE), YouTube, and other channels including Home Depot, Wayfair, Sephora, Walmart, Lowes, etc.. wherever you sell your products or services.

eCommerce Use Cases

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Protalus Grew Website Conversions 300%

See how Protalus, the shoe insole technology company, used VideoPeel to collect, manage, edit, and publish video reviews on their website, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Email campaigns, Customer Support Messages, etc... helping to grow their overall conversions by 300%.

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EcoFlow Grew Amazon Sales 500%

See how EcoFlow, the portable power station company, used VideoPeel to collect, manage, edit, and publish video reviews on each of their Amazon Product Listings helping to grow overall sales through Amazon by 500%.

B2B Use Cases

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BnB Formula Collects 700+ Video Testimonials

See how BnB Formula, the training company for AirBnB hosting, used VideoPeel to collect over 700+ video testimonials from their students. They now have the largest B2B video testimonial library, providing them with highly personalized marketing content.

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Author Ty Bennett Recommends VideoPeel

See how Ty Bennett, renown speaker and author of "The Power of Influence" , uses VideoPeel to collect video testimonials of his professional speaking clients, and those he coaches professionally.

Crowdfunding Use Cases

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GoSho Raises $542,410 on Indiegogo

See how GoSho by 1byOne, creator of the world's most powerful mini HD projector, used VideoPeel to recruit video game and movie enthusiasts and to collect video reviews for their Indiegogo Crowdfunding campaign helping them raise $542,410 reaching over 4,618% of their funding goal.

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Luft Qi Raises $303,980 on Indiegogo

See how Luft Qi, creator of the smallest filterless air purifier, used VideoPeel to recruit allergy sufferers, second hand smoke sufferers, etc. and to collect video reviews for their Indiegogo Crowdfunding campaign helping them raise $303,980 reaching over 1,170% of their funding goal.

Local Use Cases

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PHX StartupWeek Collects Real Feedback

See how Phoenix StartupWeek and TechStars collects video feedback about it's conference to discover how impactful their event is to local businesses.

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American Heritage School raises $100K

See how American Heritage Schools, a private K-12 school, collected 10X the number of video testimonials from their Home Schooling parents throughout the world. The compilation video secured them $100K in funding for their program. Now they're integrating VideoPeel directly into their learning software.

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Recruit Ideal Candidates

Recruit from your customers, or specify your audience so we can recruit the ideal candidates.

Easy Share Links

Customize your video review prompts and share unique links via any communication channel.

Mobile Optimized

Submit a video in 3 clicks. Customers won't need to download an app, nor sign-up to submit a video.

Automated Permissions

Customize terms & conditions, and automate permissions.

Manage Videos

Organize videos through automated transcriptions and tagging. Download videos, request edits, or publish.

Publish Videos

Publish videos directly to Your Webinars, Funnels, Website, YouTube, Facebook Pages, Facebook Ad Accounts, Amazon Product Listings, etc.

Video Review Examples

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