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And video testimonials for every step in your customer experience.


People are 80% more likely to convert after they watch an authentic video review about the product or service.


User generated videos perform 3X better than branded videos. - Amazon


Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it on video, compared to 10% when reading it in a text. - Forbes

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Video Reviews for your Website

Our Dynamic Video Plugin lets you publish verified video reviews and testimonials to your homepage, product pages, check-out pages, etc... to increase conversions and sales. Easily add and remove videos at anytime. Our verified video reviews have been viewed over 1 Million times on websites and apps. We can help you optimize your Shopify, Magento, WordPress, or custom website to maximize video in the places that matter most.

Video Reviews on the channels that matter most:

Video Reviews for

Our integration with lets you grow time on page, conversions and sales on your product listings by publishing authentic video reviews. We verify each video review to meet Amazon's video requirements. Collect authentic video reviews from your customers or from our Global Network of 10M+ consumers, micro-influencers, and influencers.

Video Review Ads

As shoppers do their research, show them the real experiences people are having with your product or service through video review prospecting or remarketing ads on Facebook, Instagram, etc. We help you get the right video reviews for your ads, edit them, and even run ads for you with your verified video reviews. We have experience generating Millions of dollars from profitable Facebook ads.

Influencer Video Reviews

Grow awareness and sales with Influencer Video Reviews. Utilize our Global Consumer Network to find the ideal influencers for your campaigns. Our team can manage the recruiting and collaborate with influencers to test your products and capture their experience with video.

Recruit from your own customers, or recruit testers from our Global Consumer Network of 10M+ consumers, micro-influencers, and influencers

40+ Countries

We can recruit consumers, micro-influencers, influencers, experts, and businesses from 40+ countries and growing.


Specify who you want to recruit by gender, age, marital status, household income, occupation, etc..


Specify who you want to recruit by how many followers they have by channel, and by their engagement rate.


Specify who you want to recruit by their interests with respect to sports, entertainment, music, stores, dining out, pets, health, banking, etc..


Specify who you want to recruit by their purchases of vehicles, hotels, utilities, phones, electronics, fashion, groceries, etc...


Specify who you want to recruit by their conditions such as ailments, habits, passions, aspirations, and expertise.

How it works


From Your Customers or our 10 Million+ Global Consumer Network of Consumers, Influencers, Micro-influencers, and Businesses.

Collect & Manage

Respondents Submit Videos in 3 Clicks. No App Required. Organize Videos Privately, Manage Permissions, Tag, Moderate, and Edit Videos for All Formats.

Publish & Analyze

Publish Video Reviews on your website and across, Amazon LIVE, Sephora, Wayfair, HomeDepot, Facebook, FB LIVE, Instagram, YouTube, Google, Indiegogo, Kickstarter, Publishers, etc. to Grow Sales.

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Collect Verified Video Reviews Quickly & Easily

No matter where your customers are, or how you communicate with them, invite them to capture their real experience with your product or service through video. Our platform doesn't require an app, you simply send them a link, and consumers can submit a video in 4 clicks. We can ensure videos are coming from people that actually use your product.

Moderate and Edit Video Reviews

Manage and edit your video reviews into video ads for any format including Facebook Video Ads, Instagram Stories, Linkedin Ads, Amazon Ads, YouTube Video Ads, etc.. We can also help you create compilation videos of your best clips. And even run your video ads for you.

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Video Reviews for Your Google Business Profile

As people research your local business, show them the experiences real customers are having with your products or services.

Video Reviews for The Home Depot

Are you selling products on The Home Depot? Increase your time on page and your conversions with verified video reviews from your customer.

Video Reviews for

People want to see how your product looks on real people like them. Work with our team to collect, manage, and publish video reviews to your product listings to grow conversions and sales.

Video Reviews for Wayfair

Show shoppers what's possible. Let them watch different ways real customers use your products, and how it's improving their lives.

Video Reviews for YouTube

Grow your SEO footprint on Google and YouTube with authentic video reviews. Our integration with YouTube lets you easily publish your video reviews and testimonials to your YouTube channel. Our team can also help you optimize your meta tags and text to achieve your SEO goals.

Video Reviews for Crowdfunding Campaigns

With today's crowdfunding ecosystem and customer-first product development methods, businesses don't wait until product launch to involve customers in their innovations. We can help you recruit beta testers, influencers, Publishers, etc... for your Indiegogo or Kickstarter campaigns.

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Use our API to collect, moderate, and publish video reviews in your APP

This video shows how the American Heritage Family School uses VideoPeel's API and Services to empower their parents to request, collect, and include videos from their family, friends, etc... in their daily home-schooling curriculum. Now it's your turn to integrate our API into your App or website.

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Capture Customer Experiences

We make it easy to leap into the mobile age of ethnographic consumer research. Bring your customers to life so you can understand consumer behavioral, shopping experience, customer experience, product experience, audience definition, NPS, and marketing effectiveness.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

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"VideoPeel makes it super easy for us to collect user experiences from our customers and then organize them, curate them, repackage them, and share them on our website as well as Amazon. VideoPeel is an awesome tool and we're big fans!
Taylor West
VP Marketing, KT Tape
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"After our pre-order campaign, we used VideoPeel to learn all about our customers and how they use our product. Now, we're using these videos on social media, FB ads, Amazon, our website, etc."
Hannah Sieber
EcoFlow Tech, Co-founder and COO
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"It's made such an impact on my business. It's testimonials built so much more trust and allowed my clients to do the selling for me. Which is so much powerful than most people understand. You have to try it out, it's so powerful."
Kyle Rodgers
CEO of BotFox
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"It's been a little bit over an hour and we're already up to 45 video responses and I have found some awesome information to help pivot my business."
Summer Lee
With Love Summer Influencer
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"We used VideoPeel to send out a small campaign...and we got 10X the makes it easy for us to represent ourselves in a more authentic way."
Peter Knecht
American Heritage Worldwide, Business DIrector
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"We get great views on the videos...and it has moved my business tremendously. I'm a big fan of VideoPeel and I highly recommend it."
Ty Bennett
Speaker, Author and Founder of Leadership Inc.
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