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Respondents Submit Videos in 3 Clicks. No App Required. Organize Videos Privately, Manage Permissions, Tag, and Edit Videos for All Formats.

Publish & Analyze

Publish Video Reviews on your website and across, Amazon LIVE, Sephora, Facebook, FB LIVE, Instagram, YouTube, Google, Indiegogo, Kickstarter, Publishers, etc. to Grow Sales.

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Bring Your Product Story To Life

Bring real video reviews into every touch point in your customer journey including your webinars, website, funnels, Amazon product listings, Facebook Ads, Google Business Profiles, crowdfunding campaigns, emails, customer support messages, etc.

Share Why People Buy Your Products

People don't want to be sold to, they want to be inspired. They want to move from a state of apathy to possibility.

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Show How Your Product Works

"How does it work?" is one of the top questions people have about a product. They want to know how easy or difficult it will be to make the product to what it is supposed to do. And they want to know if it will work under specific conditions.

We Help You Publish Video Reviews To:

Show When Your Product Should Be Used

Once you arm your customers with all the potential use cases, they are more inclined to use the product for those purposes, gaining more satisfaction, and producing incremental results.

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Show What Your Product Can Do For People

People's needs vary. You may be looking for safety, adventure, significance, relationships, health, wealth, growth, or simply a sense of purpose. Whatever your needs may be, most buying decisions must answer the question, "will this product meet my needs?"

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Build Trust Before You Launch Your Product

With today's crowdfunding ecosystem and customer-first product development methods, businesses don't wait until product launch to involve customers in their innovations.

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Create Lifelong Customers That Evangelize

When something changes your life for good, you can't help but share it with others. Businesses seeking growth understand this principle. VideoPeel made it very easy for people to create and submit videos for the REEL Milk Moments Video Contest where scholarship winners were announced at the 2019 Playstation Fiesta Bowl.

Drive Sales Conversions

With VideoPeel, the video reviews you collect can be published on your own website, apps, or in other channels including, Facebook, Indiegogo, etc... As we continue expanding our relationships with other retailers and distribution channels, our integration team will work with you to publish your video reviews in your desired channels.

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Recruit Beta Testers and Influencers

Recruit from your customers, recruit in other channels, or recruit from our panel of 10M+ consumers, influencers, micro-influencers, experts, and businesses. Use video interviews to make sure you recruit the right people.

Capture Customer Experiences

We make it easy to leap into the mobile age of ethnographic consumer research. Bring your customers to life so you can understand consumer behavioral, shopping experience, customer experience, product experience, audience definition, NPS, and marketing effectiveness.

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Website conversions can grow by 80% when a visitor watches an authentic video review. - VideoPeel


User generated videos perform 3X better than branded videos. - Amazon


Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it on video, compared to 10% when reading it in a text. - Forbes

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"After our pre-order campaign, we used VideoPeel to learn all about our customers and how they use our product. Now, we're using these videos on social media, FB ads, Amazon, our website, etc."
Hannah Sieber
EcoFlow Tech, Co-founder and COO
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"We used VideoPeel to send out a small campaign...and we got 10X the makes it easy for us to represent ourselves in a more authentic way."
Peter Knecht
American Heritage Worldwide, Business DIrector
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"We get great views on the videos...and it has moved my business tremendously. I'm a big fan of VideoPeel and I highly recommend it."
Ty Bennett
Speaker, Author and Founder of Leadership Inc.

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