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VideoPeel Joins Techstars Boulder Class of 2020

We’re excited to announce that VideoPeel has been selected to join the Techstars Boulder Class of 2020. As a result, VideoPeel is making its video testimonials and video reviews technology platform available for every business.

Less than 1% of companies are selected to this prestigious accelerator. Boulder Techstars is an especially meaningful location, serving as its founding location responsible for some of Techstars’ most valuable companies.

“We’re very excited to have the opportunity to work with the VideoPeel team to help them realize their vision of making video testimonials the standard for trustworthy reviews online. The team impressed us from the first day we met them. They have hustle, a big vision and customers love their product. A perfect recipe for taking advantage of Techstars. We’re excited to see them thrive in this ecosystem and scale their company.” – Natty Zola, Managing Director for Techstars Boulder Accelerator.

“We’re honored to have been selected to the Techstars Boulder Class of 2020, and to join such an accomplished global family of tech entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors. This is a big deal for not only us, but for all the businesses that will benefit from the acceleration of VideoPeel and its mission of empowering every business, retailer and agency to capture and share authentic video testimonials, video reviews, and other user generated videos from their customers,” says Patrick Tedjamulia, CEO and co-founder of VideoPeel.

VideoPeel customers are calling VideoPeel “The New Social Proof”. No matter what business you’re in, customers today are looking for trustworthy social proof before they make a buying decision. It’s no longer OK for businesses to focus only on selling features and benefits, or on producing professionally created photos or videos to sell their products. People want to see the true experiences people like them are having with a product or service.

“Businesses looking for an easy solution to capture the real stories from their customers in seconds, can now start using VideoPeel for FREE!” says Maria Tedjamulia, CMO and co-founder of VideoPeel.

VideoPeel provides businesses with the technology that makes it easy for their customers to show who she really is, how she uses the product or service, and who she has become. Finally, empowering businesses to achieve the level of trust, credibility, and authenticity they’ve always wanted.

“We’ve removed the friction involved with getting a customer to leave you a video testimonial, video review, or other user generated video. VideoPeel makes it so easy that customers simply click to record and click to submit. Businesses now have no excuse for not showing their potential buyers what their products and services can really do,” said Ben Cobb, CTO and co-founder of VideoPeel.

“We are so thrilled to welcome the VideoPeel team to the Techstars Boulder 2020 cohort. This is a team of do-ers with impressive backgrounds that is well positioned to tackle this exciting emerging market. Personally, I also love seeing other women in tech and believe that the diversity of this founding team gives them a unique perspective on the market. The company is at an inflection point where they’re starting to see real market pull and it’s just the tip of the iceberg – we can’t wait to see how they’re able to take advantage of the Techstars opportunity.”
– Kirsten Suddath, Former EIR for the Techstars Boulder Accelerator, now with Blackhorn Ventures

We’ve seen conversions grow by more than 50% when a visitor watches an authentic video review. For more information about VideoPeel and to get started for FREE, go to:

For more information about Techstars Boulder, go to:

Easily obtain countless VIDEO REVIEWS to make your Amazon sales EXPLODE in 2020

CJ Rosenbaum interviews VideoPeel CEO and co-founder Patrick Tedjamulia the day after Christmas. Now we all know that we all live and die by reviews, and I am blessed to have Patrick from VideoPeel, which can explode your sales with not just reviews but video testimonials. And that’s what we’re gonna be talking about today.

Amazon Private Label Sellers Must Turn into Brands

Amazon has allowed for anybody to really become a private label seller. This is the forefront of modern business where anybody can develop their own private label brands and compete with the big boys.  It provides the insane opportunity for the everyday man everyday woman to get on a world stage and start competing. But if they want to compete, they’ve got to turn into a brand, and they have to be able to differentiate their products in a way that produces service’s and provides really strong, continual service on brand that allows them to have multiple products.

 If you are an Amazon seller and you want to build up an account with value and build up long term business and also try and become platform agnostic, you have to build out your brand. You have to develop your intellectual property in your own following. And now the time is here to do it. Private label brand is the future. Yeah, that’s right.

VideoPeel for Video Testimonials

I am a VideoPeel consumer. Okay, that’s who we use for our video testimonials. So, Patrick, let’s get right into VideoPeel. What is it? What’s it’s goal. How does it work?

When I was working at Facebook, I helped them build their advertising platform, Ads Manager, what everybody uses to run ads on Facebook. I noticed that video was just growing. It was staggering how quickly people were consuming video. But the hurdle for growth for us at Facebook at the time was that brands did not have video and they were hungry. And we knew that video performed better. We knew that video could solve a lot of problems. And most of these brands were having problems with conversion, the conversion would be like 1% right. How could they improve that? And so I got into and I was like, there’s gotta be a better way. These advertisers are spending tons of money maybe like 30 grand to do one video right and hoping that it’s going viral and lovable. Maybe there’s 1% that goes viral, right? But how could we change that?

And then consumers were losing trust and adds. It’s funny, right, because I helped build this platform that allowed any business to say whatever they wanted to whoever they wanted. And I quickly realized that we had done something that you know was great was helping a lot of businesses but also leaving consumers with a lot of confusion. And people were losing trust with ads.

I think the losing trust factor is huge. I don’t really believe that testimonials like paid spokesman like Joe Namath selling life insurance are really effective anymore because Bezos and Amazon changed the whole system, where people need to hear from other consumers just like them. The greatest thing about VideoPeel is is that you can get reviews from everyday people, everyday consumers to help sell your product to other consumers.

Exactly right. We need to find a way to allow consumers to learn from other consumers about the products they use each and every day. It really is the real essence of trust. I believe from my research that trust comes from somebody that, you know, that’s like you, right, that is able to actually experience those things that you want to experience that they’re able to share with you what they have first person experience with.

Hold on, let me stop. Let me show our viewers what we’re talking about. So again, Like I said, I am a user of VideoPeel. Here’s one of mine. I’ve got mine on the screen right here. And what I love about it is that it really shows real people. That’s a seller who reached out to us and we gave him some advice.  We use these now to show other sellers that we are trustworthy. They can see us. And when you use real people, each person looks a bit different. That background is different to talking in real everyday language. And this is something that I think is the absolute future for review sales. Also, in terms of review manipulation, each one is entirely different. So I think the risk of getting a review manipulation suspension from a video review is very remote. Yeah, that’s correct. You know, we have been working with Amazon, so we have a direct connection, so VideoPeel can actually through our connection with Amazon we can post any of these video reviews directly to any ASIN.

So we take this. Let’s break it down, step by step. Like I used the reviews and we put him on our Facebook. We put him on our website, but this is what blew my mind when two of us first met is that you have a way of linking your videos right into Amazon, which I had never heard of before. Okay, up until this moment, the way to get video reviews onto Amazon was a huge pain in the ass for sellers. So talk about let’s take it step by step. First Amazon seller has to do is open a VideoPeel account, right? That’s right. You can go to today, and you can then begin collecting videos. Maybe you can share how easy it is for you. How easy has it been for you?

I gotta tell you, it’s it’s very easy to do, but you have to find the right consumer. Like when I talked to a seller, I’m on the phone. We give free advice. Then we say, by the way, no problem giving you free advice. Would you mind leaving a video review? And all you do is you send them a link. I always ask him to open on their phones. It’s a lot easier, and they boom. They open it up, and they shoot it right then and there. And bam, it pops up on your VideoPeel account. All right, easy. That’s right, it’s it’s designed that way.

We learn quickly that it’s it’s non-trivial for someone to create a video right with their phone. For someone to do that about your business, it’s it’s something that they probably wouldn’t do, so it takes a little bit, and that little bit is simply that you need to make a request, and so our system allows you to generate a link, and you can send that link however you want to send. It could be through an email it to me through, you know, a message on Facebook Messenger. It could be Whats App. If you have international clients, it could be through a text message.

So when you send that link, you can actually customize what’s in the link from the VideoPeel interface itself. And it’s important that you do that because the questions you include to ask people are very important….. 

View the video below for the rest of the interview.

Patrick Tedjamulia – Video Review Expert

Today in the Private Label Movement Podcast, Patrick Tedjamulia shares the story of how he co-founded and became the CEO of VideoPeel, a video review platform. He talks about his love for customer insights, which led him to discover the true value of videos in advertising.

Consumer First Thinking

Before his venture into Facebook and Google, Patrick worked in brand management. His initial training for his career had been about consumer packaged goods. He was trained in marketing by Procter & Gamble with a consumer’s boss thinking. “It’s all about first understanding who your consumer really was, stepping into the shoes of the consumer. That’s been my love and my passion.” – Patrick Tedjamulia.  Patrick then went to MBA school in Duke University to further his education in consumer insights and research.

Facebook and Google Advertising 

Patrick’s formal training and education in understanding consumers eventually helped him as he worked at Facebook and Google. “As I started helping them build their advertising tools, I had to understand their customer, and their customer was every advertiser.” – Patrick Tedjamulia.

With millions of advertisers in these platforms, Patrick had to be in tune with their needs, such as AdWords that would allow them to accomplish their business goals. He had to find ways to drive traffic to their brand, their website, and their store. He also helped them in launching their objectives, ads reporting, and a ton of advertising tools and applications.

Realizing the Power of Video

Patrick noticed that advertisers across the board  are having trouble with two main things. First is trying to get their ads to convert, which is every advertiser’s problem. Second, their consumers are losing trust in their ads. In trying to solve these, he realized that the number of videos being posted on Facebook was growing like crazy. This eventually made him realize the power that videos hold. “I knew that the best way for someone to be able to bring out the truth about a product, bring out the truth about their business, bring out the truth about who they are as founders of their business, is video.” – Patrick Tedjamulia 

Can Video Solve Your Biggest Challenges? What Every Startup & Brand Should Know About Video

Recently VideoPeel’s CEO, Patrick Tedjamulia, presented at a Phoenix StartupWeek event where he discussed, “Can Video Solve Your Biggest Challenges? What every startup and brand should know about video.”

The first challenge faced by every business: How Do I Grow Conversions & Sales?

Patrick then shared how Average Joe’s Eyewear used video reviews from their actual customers to show how their glasses and frames looked on real people. As a result, they saw a 40% increase in conversions on their website. Here is an example of one of their videos: 

The second challenge faced by every business: How Do I Help Customer Trust My Brand?

Patrick then shared the example of how Protalus, the innovative insole company, created a library of video testimonials, to help their shoppers see how real people like them used their products. 

The third challenge faced by every business: How Do I Generate More Authentic Content Efficiently?


Patrick then shared the example of EcoFlow Tech used video testimonials from their real customers to generate organic social media content, SEO content, Ads, etc…See an example below: 


The fourth challenge faced by every business: What New Features and Products Should I Build?


Patrick then shared how Washabelle was able to better understand their customer and their needs by collecting video reviews and video testimonials about their experience with their mattress. See an example below: 


The fifth challenge faced by every business: How Do I Turn My Customers to Evangelists?


Patrick then shared how the well known Speaker and Author, Ty Bennett, used Video Testimonials to empower his own customers to share their experiences about him and his speeches, and how it impacted their business. See an example below: 


The sixth challenge faced by every business: How Do I Get The Funding I Need?


Patrick then shared how American Heritage Worldwide collected Video Testimonials from the parents who use their stay at home curriculum to teach their children, to show their board the real impact they are having around the world. The result was that the board wrote out a large check to help continue funding their program . See an example below:


VideoPeel launches LIVE Video Reviews Solution

Based on your feedback, we’re making our new VideoPeel service called, “LIVE Video Reviews”, available to all our customers. You can now show your VideoPeel Verified Video Reviews as LIVE broadcasts to your potential buyers on Amazon and Facebook. 

Above is an example of an Amazon LIVE broadcast. You can view Amazon LIVE broadcasts on Amazon’s website, and through their mobile app, etc… With VideoPeel, we can broadcast your verified video reviews as if they were live so you can broadcast a stream of authentic customer experiences with your product, while still taking advantage of Amazon’s LIVE chat feature, and product spotlight carousel. To request your LIVE Video Review, simply submit a request by clicking on the Amazon icon for the specific video review in your VideoPeel videos tab. 

VideoPeel’s LIVE Video Reviews is also available for Facebook Pages. Give your Facebook Audience an opportunity to see real people using your product or service. With a library of verified video reviews, VideoPeel clients can broadcast hours of authentic, organic content to their Facebook audiences, while chatting with them in real time.

For more information, schedule a demo with VideoPeel here.

VideoPeel Co-founders Present at Amazon AWS Summit in Anaheim, CA

It was a beautiful day in Anaheim, CA. Over 5,000 technology experts were gathered for the Amazon AWS Summit to hear the latest best practices in AI, Machine Learning, and Cloud technologies. Amazon had invited the founders of VideoPeel, Patrick Tedjamulia and Ben Cobb to speak about their solution.  

Below is a recording of the presentation for your enjoyment. You can also access the slides of the presentation posted by Amazon on Sideshare here


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